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When words fail you, take my word for it.

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Trisha Benton Writing & Editing

Trisha Benton

Freelance Communications

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Hi, my name is Trisha and I'm a freelance writer with more than 25 years of experience. I specialize in news and copy writing for newspapers and magazines, print and digital; print layout and design; and copyediting.

I also have expertise in grant writing and editing.

Trisha Benton Writing & Editing Services

Feature writing

Captivating, high-quality articles for your print or digital publication.


Social media content

Clear, compelling copy for your business - from promotional materials to web copy.

Engaging posts for any platform, strategy, campaigns and more to get your brand noticed.

Grant writing and editing

Attention to detail and purpose to get a funder's attention.

Resume writing

Helping you put your best foot forward with a new look and organized layout.

And so much more

No writing project is too small or extensive . . . take my word for it!


Amy Renter

Magnolias Home Decor & Design

A special "Thank You" for the beautifully written article in the Norfolk Now magazine! I was so grateful and excited to read all the info you were able to include. Your approach really helps bring across the message of creating relationships with our family, team and extending to the customer experience.

Jeff Hoesing

Former superintendent of Randolph Public Schools

Trish makes all of our jobs easier with her writing skills, fact checking, follow-up questions and accuracy. She inherently understands that people that serve the public really do have the best interests of the public in mind and presents what we do in a positive light. We're lucky.

References available upon request.


Folded newspaper front page

Feature Story: Itching to be stitching; Hartington woman finds purpose with quilting


Social Media Content: Should adults dress up for Halloween?

Press release, mass media with online news publication. Online press media, tabloid with headline. News Publication and Online Press Media to Reach a Wider Audience

Web Content and Press Release: Heritage of Bel-Air recognized for improving quality care

Specific samples available upon request